Watching Chris Rock Tease Matt Lauer Is Incredibly Satisfying


Chris Rock: Every time he comes on television we’re just reminded about how much he was missed when he wasn’t there. While appearing on The Today Show Monday to promote his new movie Top Five, Rock took the opportunity to poke fun at Today‘s endlessly dramatic competition with Good Morning America for ratings domination. It was great television.

Today Show, you guys are doing good,” Rock said. “You got Ray Rice’s wife on, man. You’ll show Good Morning America. We got the wife on!”

“This is one of those times I should have gone to the commercial about thirty seconds ago,” Lauer said, relatively good-naturedly, as the crew off camera laughed.

“We’ll show you Robin Roberts,” Rock continued, referencing Roberts and her struggle with cancer that was well-documented on GMA. “Matt Lauer is going to get sick next.” Consider our petition for Chris Rock to do the morning show circuit forever submitted.

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