Wearing Ariana Grande's Beautiful, Horsey Ponytail Is a Lot Harder Than it Looks

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Ariana Grande, small pig owner and Pete Davidson appreciator, has a ponytail that, if laid out next to her prone form, would likely be almost as long as she is. It is smooth; it is silky. It is soft. It swings from atop her head like a glossy horse mane, its height supposedly dictates her moods, and unfortunately, it is a look that Jezebel staff writer Ashley Reese and I both craved for ourselves.

What would it feel like to have a long ponytail that brushed the top of our butts? How powerful would we feel once we affixed said ponytail to our regular hair? Is there power in long hair—shiny, swingy, luxurious—or is that just years of racist beauty standards conditioning both of us to think that long, straight, European hair is the light, the way, and the future?

Armed with roughly $200 worth of hair, a bunch of bobby pins, and a lot of gumption, we tried to find out.

Associate Producer: Kayra Clouden

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