Website Seeks Hot Fictional Female Reporter Who Fucks Sources For Scoops

Latest, a news website with a homepage containing as many link outs to the Daily Caller and Associated Press as it does to aggregated content, recently posted a job listing for a political reporter. Their request is laughably offensive:

You should be less Paula Zahn, more Zoe Barnes. The right candidate is an intrepid reporter who knows the way around Capitol Hill but may know a thing or two about the underbelly of our political process.

So, don’t be a television anchor who became the subject of a nasty tabloid divorce. Do be a hot fictional intrepid girl reporter who sleeps her subjects and gets thrown in front of a train (haha sorry).

Setting aside the stupidity of the description (and the fact that such a request would never have been made of a male reporter), could they really not find a real female reporter they respected enough to want a candidate to emulate? Or maybe that’s too big of an ask. Could they maybe just have found a fictional female reporter who, I don’t know, survives?

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Image courtesy of Netflix.

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