Weight Watchers Lures Men With Meat, Beer


Weight Watchers isn’t just for ladies anymore. New ads prove dieting can be manly, using beer, meat, and technology.

According to AdAge, Weight Watchers’s clientele is about 90% female. That’s because guys don’t need no wussy group-work — says market researcher John LaRosa, “It’s been like that because men tend to want to lose weight on their own by working out in a health club or designing their own exercise program, and they are less likely to join groups or seek counseling.” But WW doesn’t want to let ladies have all the body insecurity to themselves. So it’s reaching out to men with stuff they like, such as sports and the Internet.

Ads touting the Weight Watchers for Men website instead of group meetings (which are for girls) will air during sporting events (which are for men). The spots, like the one above, emphasize that men need not suck on lollipops or shit rainbows in order to use Weight Watchers. Instead, they may drink beer and grill things. Then they can look thin and laugh at stupid fat men. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Weight Watchers Picks A New Target: Men [AdAge]

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