Weirdly, It Was Very Easy to Trick a Racist Man Into Being Racist on TV


Republican State Representative Jason Spencer hurtled his way into the dipshit hall of fame Sunday night when he was featured on Sacha Baron Cohen’s program Who Is America? repeatedly yelling the N-word. Oh, and he took off his pants too.

Last week, Spencer announced that he too—along with several other politicians and pundits—had been duped into appearing on Cohen’s controversial new program, in which Cohen dons disguises and gets politicos to say and do outrageous things, like declaring support for arming toddlers and autographing water-boarding kits.

In this case, Cohen—disguised as an Israeli antiterrorism expert—convinced the politician to yell “nigger” repeatedly to avoid an ISIS kidnapping. Spencer also pretended to be Chinese in a roundabout attempt to spot a terrorist under a burqa, and used his bare bottom to spook ISIS out of a terrorist attack; Cohen told Spencer that being accused of homosexuality is enough for an ISIS terrorist to drop their weapon.

While Spencer claims he was merely tricked into saying “provocative language,” it probably wasn’t too hard for him to go full N-word considering the fact that the man is a racist.

In 2017, Spencer told black attorney LaDawn Jones that she might “go missing” if she continued to fight for the removal of Confederate monuments in Georgia. Spencer

“I cant guarantee you won’t be met with torches but something a lot more definitive,” wrote Spencer in the online scuffle with Jones, which was started after Spencer posted a photo of himself standing next to a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. He later claimed he was just trying to keep her safe.

In 2016, Spencer introduced legislation that would ban women from wearing veils like the niqab or the burqa in public. He subsequently abandoned the bill after receiving widespread criticism.

Georgia lawmakers are condemning Spencer in kind for his Who Is America? appearance, but if they had taken his poorly concealed racism seriously in the past, perhaps they wouldn’t have to scramble for damage control today.

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