Welcome (Back): Introducing Jessica Coen


A new year means new people. Say hello to Jessica Coen!

You may remember Jessica from her tenure as the editor of Gawker from 2004 to 2006, where she honed her inter-nerd skills and pissed off many a NYC media personality. Perhaps you also know her from her time at Vanity Fair, or, more likely, New York magazine, where she has served as the online managing editor of the site’s many blogs since 2007.

Anyway, we’re thrilled to announce she’s coming back into the Gawker Media fold, where, as Executive Editor of Jezebel, she will help create content for this blog’s many hundreds of thousands – and growing – of readers and help us tackle the decade to come. She’ll be starting in early March, when the wounds of her 30th birthday are still fresh and weeping, so we’ll do a proper introduction then, but for now, we’re so tickled she said “yes” to our repeated offers that we just had to share.

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