Welcome to Winter; Have a Coat

In Depth

Might not feel like it, but today—December 22—is the first day of winter, which means that blessed, precious sunlight will soon return. As for the cold weather, that can be remedied with one of these cunning midcentury coats.

That first image is from 1957; the caption explains, “A woman throws out her arms to demonstrate the abundance of space that allows her to show off her fashionable new winter overcoat.”

This one’s from 1955 or so. Nice lining.

This lady knows damn well she looks great.

This one comes standard with a tiny dog.

Or you could get really adventurous and opt for this look— “A reversable ‘Ocelleen’ and ‘Beaverleen’ coat in the Astraka winter collection of artificial furs.”

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Photo via Getty Images.

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