Well, Drew Barrymore Was Certainly On One This Week

Well, Drew Barrymore Was Certainly On One This Week

In what felt like a return to madcap form, this week The Drew Barrymore Show served a smorgasbord of quirks…sunny side up, of course! Barrymore cut her nose hairs on camera, screamed about walking around her house naked, reminded no fewer than three of her guests that she’s been in this business since she was in diapers, compared herself to Homer Simpson, hopped like a bunny, and…I don’t even know how to describe it. Kind of leaned over a little bit too far in her Drew’s News chair, knocking herself off balance and reacting with a dramatic hiccup kind of thing? It was wild. I kept watching the clip over and over and looped it in this week’s cut. Come for Barrymore’s antics, stay for Lena Dunham reminding Barrymore (twice) that feeling good feels good and feeling bad feels bad. Game. Changer.

Also notable was Kyra Sedgwick’s story about pressing the panic button at Tom Cruise’s house, which prompted a police response. She was never invited back after that, go figure. One of the most appealing things about this story is that it was prefaced which Barrymore accusing Sedgwick of making a habit out of going through people’s drawers, which Sedgwick swiftly denied. Suuuuure, Kyra!

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