We're Number One… In Infant Mortality!


If you’d like to rev up your rage engines before the workweek, check out the op-ed section of the New York Times. One piece summarizes what many of us were already thinking- that the GOP has declared what amounts to a legislative “war on women” and have tried to restrict women’s rights under the guise of “cutting the budget.” It’s okay, though, you guys. They read the constitution aloud on the floor, so they must totally know what they’re doing.

Another piece worth reading is Charles M. Blow’s grim assessment of the state of neonatal care in this country and how its pathetic state reflects the inconsistency of the Republican “pro life” stance. “Pro life” actions aren’t actually resulting in more life; “pro life” voters also vote for measures that lead to higher rates of infant mortality. How bad is it? Among 30 of the world’s most industrialized nations, the United States leads the pack in dead infants.

Pro life, indeed.

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