What Are The Cool Christian Kids Wearing?


C28 makes clothes for hip, young evangelical Christians. For those who want to wear their love of Jesus — and Reagan — on their skintight sleeve.

Plenty of the merch on display is just basic sportswear of the so-cal casual variety. Plenty of it has fairly standard Christian iconography going on. And then there are the…unusual pieces.

Take this creative usage of the iconic Rosie the Riveter image. From feminist icon to soldier of the Lord!

The vaguely sexualized pro-Jesus message is…peculiar.

And I can’t tell if this is trying to make Vegas sound fun, or ominous.

Okay, here’s where it gets political. And I’m sorry, but whatever you believe, a Reagan head on a skin-tight tee just feels so wrong.

I know as a fellow teen, I’d be delighted to see another girl sporting this flippant judgment in the halls at school.

Faith Gets A Fashion Makeover [Guardian]

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