What Did Cher Say About Women in Control That Got Censored on DWTS?


“Bang bang indeed!” said the man who hosts Dancing with the Stars after Elizabeth Berkeley performed to Cher’s song “Bang Bang” as part of “Cher Night” on Monday. Clad in a lace bodysuit, Berkeley didn’t look like she’d lost any of the skills honed during her Showgirls days (seriously, how can she be considered an amateur dancer?), in a routine that Cher LOVED, but ABC apparently did not.

Berkeley’s routine was very sexy, even by the standards of sexy on DWTS; she basically bossed her partner around the dance floor during their jazz number.”I thought it was great and I thought it was rough, I liked the rough part of it,” said guest judge Cher, prompting the crowd to titter. She went on to say, “I like it when -” and then the vocals were cut out. Entertainment Weekly‘s Annie Barrett speculates she was saying, “when a woman’s in control,” which looks like it could be true. In any case, the comment was clearly offensive not for language but for implied sexual scenario or perhaps the threat of female world domination. Update: On Twitter, Cher claims her comment was “SO NOTHING”:

Berkeley, her eyes wide, looked thrilled to be standing whilest heavily breathing in front of Cher. “I want to thank you as a woman for showing other women you can create your own set of rules. and that resiliency is a powerful thing,” she said, as her shirtless, voiceless male partner held her in his arms. Ah, liberation.

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