What Did They Do to My Boyfriend? 


Netflix has released the first image of Tobias Menzies in character as the new, older Prince Philip. Hm. Well, he certainly looks like Prince Philip!

In fact, it seems Menzies—most recognizable from his double roles as Frank Randall and Black Jack Randall in Outlander—is so thoroughly blending into the character that his stern and somewhat rude professor hotness has mysteriously dissipated. This is fine for the purposes of the show, but definitely NOT fine for my purposes of just wanting to see him be hot in something where he doesn’t have to double as the villain. Will someone please just go ahead and cast Menzies in a role where he can be hot without me feeling really uncomfortable with his being kind of a dick (Frank) or an outright monster (Black Jack) ????

Perhaps that’s what Olivia Colman was thinking in her first publicity shot as Elizabeth.

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