What Is Up With The Shoulders At Victoria's Secret?


Victoria’s Secret’s crack Photoshop team appears to have a new target bodypart: Shoulders. Whatever other changes these highly creative minds are making to South African model Candice Swanepoel’s body in their ongoing quest to erase any evidence of her having armpits, pores, or skin that creases in any way, they are certainly having a field day with her left deltoid.

Vicky’s Miraculous® Multi-Way Push-Up Bandeau Top, featuring new shoulder-exaggerating technology™, comes to us via Photoshop Disasters. Love the way Swanepoel’s outline gets fuzzy around the body part in question, though the edges of her arm and torso remain sharp. Anonymous Photoshopper-person: that was truly an inspired choice.

The VS Hipster Boot-Cut Jean, today’s second entry in the Shoulder-‘Shopping Sweepstakes, comes to us via a tipster reader, who noted helpfully, “God only knows how this happened.” Love the return of the fuzzy outline, and that pose — it’s like Candice is already looking for her Invisible Armpit.

Perhaps there’s a very simple explanation for all of this: someone at Victoria’s Secret is a really big fan of DIS [Link semi-NSFW].

VS Hipster Boot-Cut Jeans [Victoria’s Secret]
Miraculous® Multi-Way Push-Up Bandeau Top [Victoria’s Secret]
Victoria’s Secret: Killer Shoulder Fat [Photoshop Disasters]
Shoulder Dysmorphia [DIS]

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