What Kind of Girl Scout Cookie Are You?


Think today is another normal, boring Friday? You couldn’t be more wrong. Today, February 8th, 2013, is National Girl Scout Cookie Day and the official start of Girl Scout cookie season. Break out your green berets, your static-y VHS tape of of Troop Beverly Hills, and your elastic waistbands, because we’ve just entered the hap-happiest season of all.

By this point in your life, chances are that you’ve found out what your favorite Girl Scout cookie is, but do you know what Girl Scout cookie is most like you? Take this quiz to find out.

1. What best describes your day-to-day style?

A. Timeless, well-structured pieces. Your wardrobe is a sea of classy black.
B. Mismatched patterns, vintage pieces and funky colors. Rules were meant to be broken.
C. Sweatshirts, fleece and jeans. Comfort is key.
D. Organic cotton, fair trade fabrics and Lululemon. Sure, your clothes are expensive, but you can’t put a price on ethics.
E. Burlap sacks

2. At a party, you’re generally…

A. Drinking wine or a martini and immersed in a good, light-hearted conversation.
B. Dancing, DJing and making out with the other party guests.
C. Joking around, eating snacks and holding your friend’s hair as she pukes.
D. Discussing global politics and the benefits of co-sleeping, complaining about the host’s Americanized version of saag paneer.
E. You weren’t invited, but you show up anyway.

3. In high school, you were most likely to have been…

A. Class president
B. The lead in the school play
C. A varsity athlete
D. Leader of the “Free Mumia” club
E. A summer school teacher

4. What’s your preferred mode of transportation?

A. A practical and efficient car like a Prius or a Volvo
B. Limos, taxis and subways
C. A minivan or family friendly vehicle
D. A rickshaw
E. Crawling on your hands and knees, propelling yourself with your own wails of misery

5. Describe your personality in a word.

A. Balanced
B. Eccentric
C. Maternal
D. Conscientious
E. The worst

If you answered mostly As…

You’re a Thin Mint! You’re friendly, well-rounded, everyone likes you and people complain when you’re not around.

If you answered mostly Bs…

You’re a Samoa! As a wild mix of flavors (caramel, coconut and chocolate), you might not be everyone’s favorite and there’s a chance you’re a little flaky. Still, you’re the most fun of the cookies and no one — not even your detractors — can deny your flair and creativity!

If you answered mostly Cs…

You’re a Tagalong! Just like this chocolate and peanut butter combo, you’re the go-to when your friends need comfort. You might worry that people find you boring but rest assured, people love you and are always grateful to have you around.

If you answered mostly Ds…

You’re the Girl Scout’s newest cookie, the Mango Crème with NutriFusion. Like this vitamin-packed treat, you may have value, but you’re just…not that fun. Don’t be surprised if after hanging out with you, your friends immediately reach for some As, Bs or Cs.

If you answered mostly Es…

You are Trefoils, the shortbread cookie. Nobody likes you apart from your grandmother and even she wants to drown you in tea.

Unhappy with what you got? Here’s a photo of Ice Cube holding a box of Do-Si-Dos as a consolation prize.

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