What Makes A Good Wife Or Husband? You Tell Us


So we’ve been posting all these excerpts from the reprints of How to be a Good Husband and How to be a Good Wife for your amusement (and, perhaps, education?). Although the manuals, written in the 1930s, seemed reasonably progressive for their time (“Don’t pose as a weak little thing,” Good Wife admonishes), they certainly don’t cover most of the issues germane to a romantic entanglement in 2008. But, thanks to your comments, we’ve been collecting some suggestions for good spousedom in the 21st century! Like: “Let her win at Guitar Hero sometimes, but not all the time,” and “Don’t expect a backrub to turn into sex. Just give her a backrub with no agenda once in a while”.

But we want to hear more! So post those rules and regulations for proper relationship behavior in the comments now. I’ll start: “Do pick the bathmat up off the floor after you’ve showered, especially when your girlfriend has asked you to do so at least forty times.”

How to be a Good Husband [University of Chicago Press]
How to be a Good Wife [University of Chicago Press]

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