When Going To A White House State Dinner, Show Some Leg


…at least, that’s what Barbra Streisand and her fellow guests would have us believe. While we’re on the subject: why was Anna Wintour there?

How much do I love that Michelle Obama wore McQueen? A lot, that’s how much. That it’s both stunning and edgy hurts not at all.

Speaking of a lot: Barbra’s gam. We get that she’s balancing the conservatism of pinstripes…but if there’s a time for being conservative, it’s a White House State Dinner. (Sartorially!)

Connie Ballmer (with Steven Ballmer) also got the leg memo: some piece of protocol we don’t know?

As an SVU watcher, I’m both pleased and comforted by the presence of B.D. Wong, and thrilled that he brought his mother.

When to channel Jackie Kennedy, if not at 1600?

Dare I say it? Anna Wintour seems slightly underdressed! Or is she the arbiter of these things?

Vera Wang goes elegantly formal; which is over-dressed? Which under?

I’ve rarely seen people so thrilled to attend a formal event: just get a load of Yo Yo Ma!

Michelle Kwan is stunning in a gown that would work on any red carpet.

Jackie Chan‘s body language says: “the party can begin.”

[Images via Getty]

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