When You Write To Jezebel, You Are Writing For Jezebel


In our line of work, we pride ourselves on breaking rules that need to be broken. But there’s one rule we abide by, and that’s in regards to your emails: They’re on-record, unless explicitly stated otherwise from the get-go. Exciting!

Let us explain: We love your tips — and we also love reporting out stories. But when you write to us with inside information, you’re also (potentially) writing for the entire site and its audience. Obviously, there’s no reason for us to publish a run-of-the-mill email (unless you’re a crazy racist and we want everyone to know your name). But if you’ve got an awesome tip, we may very well run it.

We tell you this because some of our best stuff comes from email exchanges. Take, for instance, our recent story about Derek Blasberg, the socialite-y fashion scene writer who quite likely took $2500 from YSL to “consult” on their party, which he then wrote about for Style.com (shady business).

From: Jenna
To: Derek Blasberg
Subject: Re: YSL “appearance fee” Request for comment, 1 p.m. deadline
Okay, so you discussed money, but no payment was made? Is it true that your prospective rate was $2500? Did you discuss this consulting fee with YSL beaute, ABPR, or both?
From: Derek Blasberg
To: Jenna
Subject: Re: YSL “appearance fee” Request for comment, 1 p.m. deadline
I was always told that one should always discuss finances early in a conversation! But again, I can’t make this any clearer: the only thing I have in my possession from Thursday night is an iTunes gift card with Alexandra Richards and Alexa Chung’s mixes! I didn’t even get an Opium tester. So any accusation that I have something in my possession beyond that is false.

Derek didn’t answer the question, and we can say that, quote from those emails to support our story, or just post them directly. And when Derek later told us that it was all supposed to be off-record — well, you can’t backpedal on this stuff. If you’re entering a potential conversation with us, you need to say it’s off-record before the conversation really begins.

Of course, this doesn’t really pertain to the average reader. But if you’re tipping us off to a larger story (and we love it when you do — we need you in that regard!), be aware: When you write to Jezebel, you could be writing for Jezebel.

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