Which Real Housewife Has the Best Gay Best Friend?


A Housewife without a gay friend? How dreadful!

Since the dawn of Housewives, there have been gays paraded around like a Birkin on a rich woman’s wrist. While so many gay friends have sashayed through the franchises, here are our picks for the ones that made the biggest impact—from party planners to event planners, hairdressers to hairstylists—they represent a diverse swath of what it means to be a gay best friend of a Real Housewife.

It was hard to narrow down the likes of Miss Lawerence, Derek J, and Sonja’s countless gay interns to just come up with the five most legendary gay friends, so we used a strict rubric:

1) Are they as fabulous as the Housewife to which they follow around?

2) Do they have an esoteric job that wouldn’t exist for the straights?

3) Can they bring the drama as expertly (and pettily) as only a Housewife or a gay can?

So who is the best gay best friend? Dwight started quite a bit of drama on Atlanta, Brooks had a feud with an alleged fraudster on Salt Lake City, and Matt confused everyone with his decades-long friendship with Karen Huger. To find out our pick for the best Housewife Homo, check out the video above.

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