Who Chose… Poorly At The People's Choice Awards? (The Bad!)


No, nobody aged really rapidly into a skeleton with Christopher Lloyd hair, but we the people came away almost as shocked from viewing the sartorial monstrosities on parade:

Did Katie Cassidy agree to wear the losing garment from a Project Runway challenge in which the contestants were limited to the contents of a casket factory? Because otherwise I’m confused.

Looking for something anodyne to say about Hayley Williams‘ frock, and think I’ll go with “beribboned.”

This also applies to Dania Ramirez, although “Barbie-esque” also works.

Do the head mice at Disney know about Demi Lovato‘s Showgirls-lite costume?

It kind of looks like a giant Violet Beauregarde blew an enormous bubble and let it pop over poor Niecy Nash.

I mean, this was probably going for the same awesome effect as Rihanna’s controversial openwork AMA frock, and I get that it’s kinda cool in the way that paper-vine lampshade you can get from the MoMA store is. But overall, Carrie Underwood‘s looks a tad awkward.

Look, it’s probably impossible for Diane Kruger to look actually bad, but doesn’t this remind you of…a Speedo?

Let’s hope Kelly Rutherford is doing some kind of elaborate method acting in which she’s playing an insane aristocrat fallen on hard times who attends a grotesque, tragic ball at the asylum and swans around like a Tennessee Williams character.

Francia Raisa, the human sachet.

I wanna say something incisive about Carolyn Hennesy‘s baffling choice, but… breasts. That’s all I can say.

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