Who Chose Wisely At The People's Choice Awards? (The Good!)


The People’s Choice Awards is the event where we, the people, choose. But at L.A.’s Nokia Theatre, we were happy to let the following stars choose their own wardrobe – they did a much better job than America:

Shocker, that: Taraji P. Henson looking lovely, graceful, and totally at ease.

Kathryn Morris may be in First-Lady drag, but it’s elegant.

Let’s face it: Jenna Elfman is rivaling Heidi for consistent red-carpet maternity triumph.

There’s a reason Kate Walsh rocks the mini so consistently. And this Vaguely Dorothy Hammill-ish one is pretty rockin.

Not gonna lie: I’ll be relieved when everyone discovers their missing sleeves. But Mary J. Blige‘s monster epaulet is awesome.

Do some of us who think too much about strangers’ clothes yearn for a slightly more open neckline? Perhaps – but overall, Amber Riley‘s blue swings definitively towards “good.”

Does Dianna Argon skew a little 80’s prom? Well, yeah.

Ginnifer Goodwin does punky Eliza Doolittle at Ascot!

Olivia Wilde continues her streak of, I’ll just say it, “Audrey style.”

Someone had to represent for plain ol’ sexy: Lea Michele steps up.

Alyson Hannigan may not be reinventing the wheel, but sometimes we just need a plain, old, round wheel anyway, surely.

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