Who's The Dude In The Chocolate Suit?

By now you’ve seen the picture of Hillary Clinton and Mutassim Qadhafi. Perhaps you’re asking: So who is this guy in the chocolate suit?

Mutassim Billah Qadhafi is 34 years old and the National Security Advisor to Libya, a job given to him by this dad, the uh, legendary Moammar Qadhafi. According to Spiegel, “Officially, Qadhafi has eight children, although there is speculation that there may be more.” Mutassim — pictured above with Secretary Clinton — is the youngest son. His big brother Mohammed is chairman of the Libyan Olympic Committee. The second son, Saif, is rumored to be the one who will succeed his father. When Saif showed up at University in Geneva, he arrived with four bodyguards and two Bengali tigers, and was like “what?”

Third son Saadi (above) is a failed football player who flunked a drug test. Spiegel says, “Today he invests in European football clubs and the film industry, and occasionally launches into a public tirade against Israel.”

Mutassim has a little sister, Aisha, “known at home by her nickname ‘Libya’s Claudia Schiffer.'” She’s awfully pretty:

Aisha is a lawyer and was on the defense team when Saddam Hussein was in court.

No one seems to know much about the other kids.

Anyway, back to Mutassim — also known as “Hannibal.” He and his heavily pregnant wife were arrested in Geneva, Switzerland in 2008 on charges of making threats and assaulting their domestic staff. In 2005, he was in a “scuffle” at a hotel in Paris where he reportedly “beat a woman and brandished a handgun.” According to this blog which follows “Hannibal” closely, he also had a “violent incident” in Copenhagen in 2005; in 2004 in Paris, Mutassim “drove down the Champs Elysees at 140kph in his black Porsche in the middle of the night. Once stopped, his thuggish bodyguards attacked French police & destroyed a police transmitter.” In 2003 Mutassim was involved in a brawl in Rome which sent 6 photographers to the hospital. In Rome in 2001, he was “escorted to the airport” after a hotel fight in which he “attacked Italian police with a fire extinguisher.” Oh, and in 2001 in Sardinia, Mutassim was thrown out of a club for yelling at the waiters, so he “blocked the entrance to a disco with his Lamborghini.” Later, he blasted music aboard his 70-ft yacht the Che Guevara.

All in all, as seen wearing a bright red shirt in this 2005 picture with his brother Saadi and an Italian movie producer, Mutassim seems like an exciting guy with whom you’d rather be friends than enemies.

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