Why Is Emma Stone Carrying a Bag with Andrew Garfield's Name On It?


On April 1, news broke that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were “taking a break.” On April 21, a source told US Weekly that the couple were “finished. It’s not just a break.” But on April 29, Stone was spotted just waltzing around Beverly Hills with a bag with Garfield’s name written on it. What the hell is going on here?

First we must ask ourselves why she’s angling it so that the paparazzi can perfectly capture Andrew’s bold-printed name. Maybe it’s a message—something like “Hey Andrew, you’re trash just like this bag is trash” or “Hey Andrew, remember when we watched American Beauty and you started crying during the scene when the boy says a bag floating in the wind is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen? Well, you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. PSYCH. You’re trash like that movie is trash.”

Or it could be that she’s dating another man named Andrew Garfield and she wants to make the original Andrew Garfield jealous.

Or it could be that Andrew Garfield, a slight man, is in the bag.

There are literally dozens, if not fewer, reasons why Emma Stone is doing this.

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