Will Don Jr Spend His Birthday With Aubrey O'Day?


Donald Trump Jr.—President Trump’s adult son and Capricorn—will celebrate his 41st birthday on December 31. The question is: Who will he spend it with? His father? He wishes. His new girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle? Likely. Former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day, who Don allegedly had an affair with up with whilst his now ex-wife was pregnant? The option is on the table, folks.

TMZ reports that an invitation has been extended to Trump to celebrate his birthday at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Las Vegas. O’Day is hosting the event. There’s a flyer and everything, featuring a sultry photo of O’Day and the words “Donald Trump Jr Birthday Party and New Year’s Celebration”:

The club’s GM actually went through Jr.’s dad … sending a letter to Prez Trump, cordially inviting both him and his boy to party. He wrote, “You and your family have done so much for this country that we at the Hustler Organization want to show our appreciation by throwing [DTJ] a birthday he will never forget.”

As TMZ reported, this is a deliberate troll as Flynt despises President Trump and O’Day doesn’t care for him either. She also doesn’t seem to mind sticking it to the guy who allegedly broke her heart all those years ago.

O’Day is performing, however. That bit is 100 percent true. Let’s hope she sings “DJT” in Trump’s honor!

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