Woman Arrested After Posting Selfies in the Dress She Stole


Sit down children, and let me regale you with yet another tale of criminals using social media and then getting caught. Because if there is one human-driven force on this earth that is unrelenting, it’s lack of foresight.

Earlier this month, 27-year-old Danielle Saxton of West Frankfort, Illinois, walked out of Mortie’s Boutique with a dress, some other clothing, and jewelry and proceeded to post photos of herself with the dress on to Facebook. That is a pretty normal thing to do when you get new clothes. Except WAIT. SHE STOLE THOSE CLOTHES. THAT’S A TERRIBLE IDEA.

Mortie’s co-owner Kert Williams saw Saxton walk out of the store and immediately took to Facebook to spread the word of the theft. Considering how small West Frankfort is (with a population of less than 10,000), it did not take long for locals to link the two. Saxton was promptly apprehended.

I do say, we should really update Aesop’s fables and other parables to the digital age. Well, I guess the moral “Zeal should not outrun discretion” from the Thirsty Pigeon is still pretty applicable. Still, I’d rewrite the story as The Woman and the Leopard Dress. And the moral would be “Don’t post shit you stole to Facebook.” NEXT PAGE.

Image via WSILTV.

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