Woman Chases Down Subway Groper, Picks Him Out Of A Lineup


On October 23 at 9:30 a.m., a man lifted up 22-year-old Shayne Dejesus’ skirt and groped her while she was standing on a subway platform in New York. Apparently he thought that like many other subway pervs he could slip away undetected, but now he’s been apprehended — no thanks to the other people on the platform. Disturbingly, Dejesus yelled “this man groped me,” but no one helped her. “I was hysterical, my hands were shaking, I was overwhelmed,” Dejesus says. “They looked at this man and then at me then turned their heads.”

Dejesus says suddenly her instincts kicked in and she started defending herself. She punched the man and when he jumped onto a train and she followed him, kicking him in the face and snapping a picture. Now she’s identified Froylan Andrade from a police lineup after a tipster recognized him from her photo. Dejesus says women shouldn’t be afraid to take action when they’re harassed by a creep on mass transit because, “The minute you fight back, they’re cowards.”

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