Woman Covers Body in Rihanna Tattoos In Ultimate Allegiance to Navy


Imagine loving an artist so much that you can’t live one moment without being able to see their beautiful face. Some people are really that invested in their idols, and as far as celebrities go, Rihanna’s not the worst you can do in terms of pure adoration. And this woman? She’s all in.

Rihanna superfan Sarah Ridge has seven tattoos devoted to the singer, from various versions of the pop princess’s signature to a giant piece that takes up her entire back. The only thing missing is an umbrella (ella ella) and just pictures of the singer’s album covers. But that’s about it. Anyone else trying to show off their Rihanna tattoos is going to be left in the dust and looking sad. Let’s just hope Rihanna’s into it and not creeped out by the fact that someone’s got more copies of her face on their body than she sees in the mirror every morning. But she’ll probably be cool with it. Rihanna seems pretty chill.

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