Woman Gets Jury-Duty For Life (Maybe)


In what we only hope was a ploy to get out of jury duty, one woman was super-racist on her NYC jury questionnaire. It backfired.

Maybe part of the issue is that this wasn’t some parking ticket. Juror No. 799 was “up for duty in the death penalty trial of a crime boss,” and the judge probably didn’t take kindly to what was either inappropriate levity, or inappropriate racism. Also, something about her manner must have irked him, because clearly this got personal very fast. Recounts the Daily News,

Asked to name three people she least admired, she wrote on her questionnaire: “African-Americans, Hispanics and Haitians.”
When the judge asked why she answered the question that way, she replied, “You always hear about them in the news doing something.”
She also declared that cops are all lazy, claiming that they sound their sirens to bypass traffic jams.
[Judge] Garaufis flipped forward several pages in her questionnaire.
He landed on the page where she had said she had a relative who was a member of the Chinese Ghost Shadows gang in the 1980s, convicted of murder and still in prison.
“Why didn’t you put ‘Asians’ down also?” the judge asked sarcastically, referring to her list of least-liked people.

Ruled the judge, “This is an outrage, and so are you!” He then sentenced her to seemingly indefinite jury-duty, declaring, “She’s coming back [today], Thursday and Friday – and until the future, when I am ready to dismiss her.”

Although, in fairness, we really wouldn’t want her deciding our case.

Judge Gives ‘Juror No. 799’ Indefinite Jury Duty After She Makes Racist Remarks On Questionnaire
[NY Daily News]

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