Woman Peeing in Public Can't Escape the Long Stream of the Law


We’ve all been there- we’re at a sporting event, alcohol has been flowing like Manna in the land of milk & honey, and of course, right when the game’s reaching its climax, nature calls. At this point, you’re faced with a critical decision: should you relieve distended bladder or remain in the seats to watch the on-field action?

One Australian woman decided she didn’t have to make that choice. While watching post game speeches from her seat in Queensland, Australia’s SunCorp stadium, she dropped trou and took a pee. While her urine cascaded, so did the crowd’s boos. Unfortunately for her remaining dignity, the whole incident was being filmed on CCTV, and now because of her poor drunken decision making, she has garnered fame for her urethra and a criminal charge from authorities.

A 44 year old woman from the town of Petrie is behind what’s been coined “Pissgate” by fans of the YouTube video of the incident. The site’s since taken down the video, but copies of it have surfaced on the aptly-named “LiveLeaks” site.

If this had happened to me, I’d be- wait for it- pissed.

Woman Charged over State of Origin Pee [News.au]

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