Woman Discovers She Has 2 Uteruses, 2 Cervixes, and Twins On the Way

Woman Discovers She Has 2 Uteruses, 2 Cervixes, and Twins On the Way
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In today’s installment of fucked-up things that I never knew were possible, a woman in the UK has been told by doctors that she has two uteruses, two cervixes, and is pregnant with—you guessed it—two fetuses. According to the Guardian, Kelly Fairhurst went in for a 12-week check up on her current pregnancy and was told she was carrying twins sitting in two separate wombs. It was the first time Fairhurst was made aware that she has two uteruses and two cervixes, despite the fact she has given birth twice before. The human body is a wonder of absolute horrors.

The Sun reports that doctors are concerned Fairhurst might go into two separate labors, and the plan is for both babies to be delivered by C-section. “The condition itself is quite rare but they went on to tell me that it was a one in a 50 [million] chance for me to conceive twins in each womb,” Fairhurst told the Sun. “I just thought, ‘God, that’s a shock.’ It makes you feel incredibly grateful that this has happened to you and you get to have two amazing babies.”

The TLC network used to have a show called A Baby Story, which was what I watched to learn about childbirth. Not to encourage anyone to break isolation protocols, but if TLC was waiting for a moment to resurrect that show, this is a sign.

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