Wonder Woman Finally Reimagined as a Badass Amazon Warrior With a Meteor Hammer


From artist Rory Philips comes a redesigned Wonder Woman, and she’s looking prettttty fierce.

Philips explains:

About this: “I have always thought Wonder Woman should look more like a warrior, and less like a pinup. The Amazons of Classical Greek lore were from the region of Scythia. I wanted her outfit to reflect that culture and be almost ceremonial.
Meteor Hammer: I know her lasso is one of her Icons. But it comes from the lurid pseudo-bondage themes of pulp comics, and is to pinup. So I modified it to an exotic warriors weapon, a Meteor Hammer, a length of rope with weighted ends, think Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill.
Death Mask: She needs a way to protect her identity, so I gave her a Ceremonial Amazon Death Mask she could wear into battle. It would be good for headbutting too.”

I want a meteor hammer! I’m thinking Wonder Woman would probably want her chest plate (?) to extend down and cover that vulnerable lower torso area, but I don’t know much about movement during battle, so maybe I’m totally wrong. Other than that, It looks pretty good to me, and I reiterate: gotta get me one of those hammers.

Finally, I’d definitely read the hell out of this Wonder Woman. Let’s go, DC.

[Fuck Yeah, Super Heroines]

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