Wordlessly Smiling Mitch McConnell Is the Internet's New Favorite Toy


Ever wanted to watch Mitch McConnell smiling, set to the dulcet sounds of “Pony,” by Ginuwine? The answer to that question is almost certainly no, but such a video now exists, and it will haunt your dreams for weeks.

The New York Times reports it all started when the GOP senator’s team uploaded a video of McConnell “working for Kentuckians,” presumably for the use of anyone looking to create a Team Mitch ad (like, say, a super PAC). Two minutes and 22 seconds of b-roll, it featured a lot of McConnell smiling wordlessly into the camera like he knows all your sins and the blackmail letter should land on your doorstep any day now.

The Daily Show discovered the clip and promptly encouraged fans to remix the clip. And so an Internet craze was born.

Here’s one with Lionel Ritchie’s classic, “Hello”:

Alternatively, it is raining Mitch (amen):

And of course, there’s a Taylor Swift version:

Oh, and here he is as a Full House cast member:

Team Mitch gathered several videos onto a landing page and asked visitors to vote for their faves, presumably incandescent with joy at the fact that, for once, their job was somewhere in the proximity of hip. A good save, when you consider these goofballs didn’t foresee that the Internet would immediately seize upon their terrifying original.

(h/t The Wire)

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