WTF Did Aubrey Plaza Say About Demi Moore on TV Last Night?


On last night’s Hollywood Game Night, the new game show where Jane Lynch invites a bunch of celebrities to get drunk and play slightly modified versions of charades, actress Aubrey Plaza was given the task of describing a famous person to her teammate without using the famous person’s name. When she got to Demi Moore, Plaza shouted, “She was married to Ashton Kutcher! She’s the —!”

What she is, we’ll never find out because NBC beeped out whatever it was that Plaza said.

But we still want to know! It couldn’t have been that bad, otherwise the network would have edited it out completely, but it had to have been something. She’s the fucking best? She’s the pussy in Striptease? She’s the shitbird? (I’m putting my money on “shitbird” mainly because it’s an insult that deserves a comeback.)

We can guess all we want and may never know the real answer, but one thing is for sure: Aubrey Plaza once made out with John Mayer.

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