Yahoo Wouldn't Hire Slacker College Dropout Gwyneth Paltrow  

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Gwyneth Paltrow may have lost out on the job of her dreams aka blogging for Yahoo because CEO Marissa Mayer didn’t like that Paltrow doesn’t have a college degree.

Buried in this profile of Mayer and her reign at Yahoo in The New York Times Magazine is this perfect tidbit about deadbeat college dropout Gwynie and Mayer’s opinion of her:

Even though the actress Gwyneth Paltrow had created a best-selling cookbook and popular lifestyle blog, Mayer, who habitually asked deputies where they attended college, balked at hiring her as a contributing editor for Yahoo Food. According to one executive, Mayer disapproved of the fact that Paltrow did not graduate college.

Yes, next time you read through the mindbogglingly awful comments on Yahoo news stories, remember only college-educated people are worthy enough to entertain those vile racists and lunatics. This is the Yahoo Food Blog, which currently includes a features recipe for “country star Alan Jackson’s Eggnog.” Clearly, this is work that requires that requires an Ivy-league education.

I’ll say the same thing my Aunt Joan told my Uncle Richie when my cousin Tommy dropped out of high school. Young people sometimes need to find themselves and make their own path. For Tommy, that path was selling weed and hiding out in Mexico when the cops came looking for him. Paltrow (who FYI attended University of California, Santa Barbara and studied Anthropology for a brief time) is like most people who take a break from college. She’s working on finding herself—she’s cooking, she’s doing arts and crafts. She can always take classes at the learning annex if she wants to rise herself up to a level worthy enough of cranking out something called “Easy Fried Cheese Appetizer: Fricos!”

Somewhere Martha Stewart is laughing her ass off right now.


George R.R. Martin is pissed the fuck off about not being able to show The Interview at the theater he owns Santa Fe’s Jean Cocteau Cinema . Via Vulture:

The level of corporate cowardice here astonishes me. It’s a good thing these guys weren’t around when Charlie Chaplin made THE GREAT DICTATOR. If Kim Jong-Un scares them, Adolf Hitler would have had them shitting in their smallclothes.

“I guess I should contact our new North Korean masters to ask them what movies we will be allowed to show at the Cocteau,” he wrote in another post. If I were North Korea I would not accept any invitations to weddings hosted by Martin in the near future.


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