Yes, a SeaWorld Thanksgiving Parade Float Is In Pretty Bad Taste


I didn’t see Blackfish, mostly because I think it would make me horribly depressed and I need no convincing that keeping killer whales in tanks is a pretty fucking bad (and cruel) idea, but from what I hear, the documentary does a pretty good job at condemning SeaWorld as an evil institution that probably shouldn’t be around anymore. (The animal park’s stocks have plummeted 25% in the year since the film premiered.)

That said, SeaWorld wants a chance at winning back our hearts and minds (HARD PASS, thanks). How? By reminding us how fun and whimsical they are with a beautiful float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. This won’t just be any old float; this float will be topped with a majestic, breaching Orca whale — you know, the same kind of whale that’s known for going crazy and occasionally killing its trainers when kept in captivity for too long.

Aw, but the kids oughta love it!

Unsurprisingly, animal rights activists are lobbying to have the float removed. If unsuccessful, they plan to protest along the parade route. Fair enough. Shut down the SeaWorld float and then let’s shut down all of the SeaWorlds.


Image via Getty.

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