Yes, This Man Is Doing More Than Just Bothering Women on the Train


Here is a video of a man on the subway performing a medley of songs in which he asks for kisses from women on the train. Super cute right? No.

The unnamed woman who took the video described it as her first time on the subway, so maybe she thinks its cute and hilarious [Update: She says “”I’m Canadian, I thought it was humorous.”], which is why she’s laughing as this dude harmonizes to “My Girl” by The Temptations. In the comments at New York magazine’s Daily Intel, many weighed in on having seen this guy before, saying that he’s “harmless” and “doesn’t just target women”:

He told our car that if anyone could identify the song he was playing, he’d kiss the “Jewish man with the glasses” sitting across from me. Luckily, no one played his game. After he was done performing, he walked through the car asking for money and pointedly said to the guy he called out, “I take Jewish money too, you know.” Then he cursed and complained about how stingy we all were. It was one of the most uncomfortable panhandling situations I’ve ever seen.

So yes, context means that this dude doesn’t mean anything by his comments, and yes, we should be aware that his life circumstances cannot be fantastic if he makes money performing on the train. But why can’t I just sit quietly on the train and not be called a white lady and bothered in front of a bunch of anonymous peers?

One other commenter agrees:

I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be a woman and have to put up with disgusting men oogling you, touching you, cat calling…’s amazing how little men can relate to this. As a white man I am literally never ever bothered by anyone about anything.

Sorry not sorry that I too have no sense of humor and that I find this just slightly better than the multiple times I have been masturbated to while on mass transit, or the time I caught that dude videotaping my ass, but not by much.

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