"You Can't Be Grossed Out" And The Other Insights From Trophy Wives


Even if that catch from SugarDaddyForMe.com is “a troll – face like Dom DeLuise, body like an ugly Mandy Patinkin,” the smart Trophy Wife sucks it up (ew.) Herewith, the wisdom of the experts!

This piece from the Post, containing advice from both marrying-rich experts and the trophy wives themselves, is illuminating. A few hilights?

“Whether he’s older or not as hot as you hoped for in your wildest dreams, get over it and grow up…The electricity is in high voltage when somebody’s good to you and your family – there’s something sexy about that.”

“If you close your eyes in bed and the guy has a soft touch, you kind of forget about what he looks like,”

“Power is cool, but when we’re together, business isn’t really on his mind. And I’m a cosmetologist; I don’t think I’d even understand if he tried to explain all his work.”

“In order to be a princess, you have to act like one.”

And, most heartwarming: “I like to think if I gain 50 pounds and dye my hair black, he’d still love me.”

Strange Bedfellows [NY Post]

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