You Don't Want To Know What's In Your Cosmetics.


While it probably won’t kill you (unless of course, you start eating your bath products) it definitely won’t make you stronger. And since regulations are fairly lax, there is a real possibility that you could be slathering something really risky on your skin.

  • Police in Maryland believe they have a man in custody that may have been responsible for the murders of four women. Though they haven’t released his name, sources within the investigation say he was a stranger to the victims, and may have been targeting young women and their mothers specifically. Even scarier: the high body count already places him within the “serial killer” category.
  • According to a recent study, women are most vulnerable to PTSD at age 51-55, while men’s vulnerability peaks slightly earlier, from ages 41 to 45. The condition is twice as common in women as in men.
  • British scientists announced on Wednesday that they’ve located what they believe is the most massive star ever discovered. The star, rather unpoetically named R136a1, “is middle-aged and has undergone a weight loss program,” quipped astrophysicist Paul Crowther.
  • President Obama is urging Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would make it easier for women to sue employers who pay them less than men. The legislation was first passed by the house in 2009, but it failed to clear in the senate. Obama correctly calls it a “common sense bill.”
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger has appointed actress Geena Davis to a state commission to promote women’s equality, the Daily Express reports. Davis will serve on the Commission on the Status of Women, which works for women’s rights in areas such as education and health care, for four years.
  • All of the seven teams in the Women’s Professional Soccer league are losing money, which means the league could go the way of its predecessor, the Women’s United Soccer Association, which folded in 2003. WPS games average about only 3,800 fans a game, and attendance is down 15% from last season.
  • Lawmakers in Spain have rejected a proposal to ban women from wearing veils in public places. However, the Socialist government does favor a ban on burqas in government buildings. Justice Minister Francisco Caamano has called the garments “hardly compatible with human dignity.”
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