You'll Sleep With One Eye Open After This Scary (True) Story

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Like many (I suspect), I hate scary stories and I also LOVE scary stories. Walt Whitman once said he contained multitudes, and I think he woulda said the same about me. This scary story is about a couple that moves in to a new apartment, meets their freaky neighbors, and—I won’t spoil it—experiences some truly frightening shit happen in their home after an unfortunate encounter with them. Will you be able to watch it without peeing your pants? Maybe, but will you be able to go to sleep tonight the same person you were this morning? Again, I don’t know, maybe; I’m not psychic. I just moved in to a studio apartment so my nights are filled with fear and dread anyway, and this is certainly not helping!!! Feel free to leave soothing videos of puppies in the comments to mitigate this effect.

Senior Producer: Jennifer Perry; Design/Animation: Hope Sincere and Jacqueline Robertson

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