Younger Olsen Sister Denies Sex & The City Prequel Rumors


Elizabeth Olsen, the younger sister of Mary Kate and Ashley (my first thought upon learning of her existence- There are more Olsens?! They can’t be stopped!), has denied rumors that she will star in a Sex & The City prequel movie. If not her, then, who?

“My friend who loves blogs told me about it when it was happening and it’s not real,” Olsen explained upon hearing the rumors.

If only all of us were so lucky to have a friend who loves blogs.

While that burning question has finally been answered, what, exactly, would a Sex & The City prequel involve? As people tend to get wiser as they get older, it stands to reason that a young Carrie Bradshaw would be even more awkward and painful to watch than an older Carrie Bradshaw.

I’m picturing lots of public crying.

Elizabeth Olsen Denies Sex & The City Rumors [CelebrityCafe]

Image via AP

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