Your Obligatory, Adorable Puppy Bowl VII Highlights


Did you miss last night’s Puppy Bowl showdown on Animal Planet? Check out our highlight reel to see all the big plays, fuzzy fumbles, and general canine cuteness you missed.

New for this year: A blimp flown by hamsters. They were often caught kissing when the camera cut to them, which did not inspire confidence in their flying skills.

These fans brought new meaning to the word “tailgate.”

The Interspecies love on the Kiss Cam!

Not all the players were on top of their game last night. This guy could’ve picked up an interception, but he was too busy mugging for the camera.

Even when the did get possession of the ball, most pups were more interested in gnawing on it than scoring touchdowns.

The unnecessary roughness got a little out of hand last night. No matter how frustrated he gets, you never see Tom Brady take a bite out of another player.

This is a clear violation of the league’s personal conduct policy.

This puppy did a great job in the goalie position. Too bad nobody told him he was playing in the Puppy Bowl not the Puppy World Cup.

This player tried to curry favor by licking the ref’s face. Sorry buster, it didn’t work for Mark Sanchez, and it won’t work for you.

The celebrities always turn out for the big game! However, while the Super Bowl had Cameron Diaz, John Travolta, Michael Douglas, and George W. Bush, the biggest stars at the Puppy Bowl were the cast of Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. Apparently there’s a D-list for animal actors too.

One of the Chihuahua stars got loose on the field and had to be tackled by the ref. George W. Bush wanted to do the same thing last night, but Condi talked him out of it.

Hopefully the NFL commissioner was watching this game. A giant pond at the 10 yard line would really spice up pro football.

Once the confetti started flying at the Kitty Halftime Show, this cat decided take shelter and wait until the horror was over. I understand completely, kitten! I did the same thing when Fergie started singing “Sweet Child o’ Mine.”

In this underwhelming play, a pup took a break to scratch himself and let other players sniff his butt.

After playing their hardest for two hours straight, the puppies eventually tired themselves out. The game was nearly called on account of napping.

But with only a few minutes left on the clock, they got a second wind and went on to win the game. Final score: 24-0, Adorable.

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