Even Rihanna Thinks Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade Are a Couple

Rihanna spoke with Interview Magazine, and as far as celebrity interviews go, it's a good one...until they ask her about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Then, it's a great one.

Even Rihanna Thinks Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade Are a Couple

On Tuesday, Interview magazine revealed Rihanna as its Spring cover star. She spilled about being a mother of two (“Nobody warns you that having kids means you’re going to worry every second of your life”), feeling out-dressed by her partner A.S.A.P. Rocky (“I be feeling bummy as shit next to this man”), and getting inspired in this phase of her career (“I usually have the music first, and the music leads me into all of these visual opportunities, and now I’m having all of these visuals, and I don’t have the songs for them yet, but maybe that’s the key, this time”).

As far as celebrity interviews go, it’s a good one…until Mel Ottenberg (Interview’s Editor-in-Chief) asked about Ri Ri’s favorite show: the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Then, it’s a great one.

And Ottenberg cut straight to the chase: “Do you think that Kyle [Richards] and Morgan [Wade] were a couple?” In case you haven’t kept up with Jezebel’s coverage, rumors about the “friendship” between RHOBH‘s longest-standing veteran and the country crooner have circulated since Richards’ split from Mauricio Umansky, her husband of 27 years, in July 2023. Since 2022, Richards and Wade have starred opposite each other on RHOBH, in an ultra-horny music video, and have been regularly spotted doing all kinds of things, like making a doc together and picking each other up from the airport This season, their friendship faced even more speculation and culminated with Richards’ refusal to offer a conclusive response as to whether her feelings for Wade are perhaps more than platonic. Frankly, the saga has been enough to drive any Bravo sapphic to despair.

Rihanna, in response, was blunt: “I mean, duh.” The Bravosphere’s spokesperson!

“Listen, I love Kyle,” she tacked on. “It’s weird commenting on her relationship because I don’t know the facts. I just feel like she was able to re-observe her marriage through a new lens.”

Richards’ marriage or, more specifically, its breakdown, was shown throughout this season. Anyone watching could swiftly glean that—as a certain e-cigarette psychic once prophesied—Umansky failed to “emotionally fulfill” her in the later years of their union.

“For once, someone else made her feel valued, made her feel like she was cute and quirky and fun and all the great things that maybe were taken for granted before,” Rihanna continued. “And that’s why I believe that there’s something with Morgan, because sometimes, it takes that for you to fight for what you deserve.” Is she wrong??? Never.

Suddenly, I have even more questions about this December 2023 Kemo Sabe meetup. Is Rihanna also Richards’ spokesperson? Could she be the beholder of all the answers about Richards and Wade’s status? Will we see Wade continue to make Richards feel cute, quirky, fun, and all the great things next season?

Time better tell before I become this. Just kidding. I already am.

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