J.Lo Reconnects With BFF Leah Remini as Marriage to Ben Affleck Remains Dubious

Is their reunion due to J.Lo's crumbling marriage? Or just two women in their 50s finally finding time to synch their schedules?

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J.Lo Reconnects With BFF Leah Remini as Marriage to Ben Affleck Remains Dubious

When one door in the Heart Factory That Is Both Powered By & Produces Roses closes, they say a window opens. Amid the rumors that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage is crumbling, a glimmer of friendship shines through the rubble. 

According to Page Six, J.Lo’s deteriorating marriage has brought former BFF Leah Remini back into her life. Allegedly, Remini did not condone Bennifer 2.0, which is why she did not attend the couple’s August 2022 wedding in Georgia. Never mind that TMZ reported at the time that Remini wasn’t at the nuptials simply because she was helping her daughter head off to college and, as we all know, Bennifer 2.0’s wedding was famously pretty last minute! 

The source, who was rather candid with Page Six, said that Remini had her doubts about J.Lo’s reunion with Ben “because he is selfish and is not fully committed as a partner.” This upset J.Lo, who in turn, made sure Remini was not invited to the wedding. As someone who watched “This Is Me…Now”—J.Lo’s self-funded multi-million dollar flick loosely inspired by her own love addiction—two times, I have to say that I believe J.Lo would ignore the advice of her friends (and her therapist, Fat Joe) to pursue romance.

Even if Remini doesn’t actually despise Affleck, I understand needing some space from a friend who is getting back with their ex that they probably talked so much shit about for years. Truly, what is more awkward than airing your grievances about your friend’s ex-lover only for them to get back together and you have to be like yayy it was meant to be also I was joking about how manipulative I thought he was. Plus, if there’s anyone on planet Earth or planet Xenu who is ready to protect a woman from any man, it is Leah “Where is Shelly Miscavige?” Remini. And who can blame her?

Also, at the end of the day, we’re talking about two very busy, famous women. Maybe they didn’t have a big friendship breakup at all. Maybe it’s just hard to find time to meet up with your international superstar bestie. Maybe now that J.Lo canceled her upcoming tour, Remini hit her up and was like, “OK we need to schedule some girl time.”

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