Michelle Yeoh Clarifies Awkward Award Exchange With Emma Stone

"I wanted to share that glorious moment of handing over Oscar to you together with your best friend Jennifer!!" Yeoh wrote on Instagram.

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Michelle Yeoh Clarifies Awkward Award Exchange With Emma Stone

Today marks probably the last acceptable day to be dwelling on what was a lovely if not a little underwhelming Oscars ceremony on Sunday evening. With no “keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth” or Faye Dunaway announcing the wrong Best Picture Winner, audiences have been forced to focus on lesser tensions and create perceived micro snubs to feed our insatiable hunger for drama. Unfortunately, for us bottom feeders (I am no better than those who crave spectacle) Michelle Yeoh kindly cleared up any confusion that there’s even a thin slice of beef between her and Best Actress winner, Emma Stone

This year, for the top acting categories, past winners monologued a tribute to each nominee before presenting the award to the winner. That meant the winner walked on stage to five mega-talents flashing their blinding veneers, congratulating them on their success. While a celebratory measure for sure—it also undoubtedly added to the overwhelm of the situation. 

When Stone was named Best Actress for her role as Bella Baxter in Poor Things, and after coming down from what looked like genuine and hesitant shock, she walked up to the stage and sort of half grabbed the statue from Yeoh, but walked towards Jennifer Lawrence and gave her a big hug, followed by an embrace with Sally Field. She then began her speech by announcing that her dress broke, which, in my expert opinion, felt like a nod to Lawrence’s slapstick trip up the stairs at the 2013 awards. Dripping in favoritism much!!!

Eagle-eyed fans, and perhaps people who were upset that Stone beat out purported favorite Lily Gladstone (look, I get it!) felt that Stone snubbed Yeoh by walking right past her. A snub on a snub on a snub! However, anyone with a brain not addicted to Twitter would maybe give Stone the benefit of the doubt that the moment was overwhelming and that, again, being greeted by five of the most beautiful and talented women in the world might make your brain short-circuit. 

To clear up any tension, Yeoh posted an Instagram Monday night of them hugging and exchanging the award. The caption read, “Congratulations Emma!! I confused you, but I wanted to share that glorious moment of handing over Oscar to you together with your best friend Jennifer!! She reminded me of my Bae Jamie Lee Curtis ♥️✨ always there for each other!!”

That explanation makes sense to me and I have no reason not to take Yeoh’s word for it. Or perhaps she is lying and Stone was incredibly rude to her and this is her way of putting the final word on the situation so she can jet off to France with her hot, rich, race car husband—which I also respect. 

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