Why Is 'Terrible Names For A Vagina' Trending On Twitter?


Hey, guess what was trending on Twitter earlier today? #TerribleNameForAVagina. (And #TerribleNamesForAVagina.) Some examples:

cock pit
the common room
slot machine
beef garden
Bloody Mary
the cheese factory
the chamber of secrets
the pit of despair
the red snapper
“Precious” … that means it can only be really fat or really ugly”

…And so on. Both women and men were participating in this bullshit. It’s confusing: Do people think it’s fun to come up with a “terrible” name because the vagina is such a lovely place? Therefore it’s a challenge to find fault with it? Or is it just entertaining to mock the anatomy of a female — the place from which every single one of us emerged as infants?

We’re going with a third and more likely option: People are idiots.

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