OMG, Puppies Vs. Babies Is A Real TV Show


Animal Planet has finally given in and decided to capitalize on the extreme adorability of puppies, babies — and the loads of people who upload their own videos of both daily. Yes, Puppies Vs. Babies is Animal Planet’s response to the Web Soup and Tosh.0‘s, but instead of airing clips of elaborate pranks, painful injuries, and nut-shots, we’ll be viewing and deciding who wins in “the ultimate clash of cute.” If you were thinking what I was thinking when I first heard about this series — a baby and a puppy facing off against each other in a Hunger Games-style death match — or if you thought you’d be seeing brand-new, original clips you might be disappointed. For everyone else, non-stop videos of what’s arguably the fastest way to melt ones heart is a cause for celebration!

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