Soon You Will Be Able To Pay for Marc Jacobs Perfume With Tweets


That’s right: At a new pop-up shop, you will “pay” for Marc Jacobs fragrances with tweets.

Fashion has been finding ways to integrate itself into — and exploit — social media for a while now: Major brands maintain a presence on Facebook. Juicy Couture is pushing clothes on Snapchat. And now, according to Fashionista, Marc Jacobs will open a fragrance pop-up shop in February (during fashion week, of course) where the perfume will cost you nothing but a hashtag.

The shop is accepting social currency — a tweet, Instagram or Facebook post tagged #MJDaisyChain — in exchange for goods. So it’s unclear if we can actually call these freebies: While posting a picture to Instagram costs shoppers nothing, collectively it gives Marc Jacobs an instant burst of #marketing across social media platforms. How much any given tweet or Insta is actually worth may be the real question here.

Most of us are already willing participants in helping brands advertise: Logos on clothing, shopping bags with store names, posting unsolicited news about what we’ve purchased on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’re well-versed in conspicuous consumption. But since one ounce of Daisy eau de toilette is $70, will be interesting to see how many drops of fragrance a tweet will get you. Exactly how much is a hashtag worth?

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