Dude Gets a Doctor's Note to Avoid Strenuous Work During Sex


A man named Shaun blew out his back and couldn’t perform his usual sexual duties on account of his injury. Naturally, he obtained a doctor’s note to prove it.

On Reddit, Shaun (username mitchiganjfrog), wrote:

“I hurt my back at work last week. Then again a few days ago in the bedroom. After a talk with my doctor he gave me this medical certificate.”

The alleged certificate, which excuses him from heavy labor until April, reads (partially in all-CAPS for some reason):

He WILL BE UNFIT TO CONTINUE his USUAL OCCUPATION or SEXUAL services. Shaun can only take part in sexual activity flat on his back with minimal effort on his part.

MINIMAL effort. Prescription: ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Good one, guy. And what a doctor, if true. That means cowgirl only, upon doc’s orders.

Image via Complex/Reddit

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