Guess How Many Kitchens Marc Jacobs Has. His Personal Chef Speaks


Unlike Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet, which you can mimic yourself as long as you have a grillion dollars and access to things like duck eggs and goji berries, to copy what Marc Jacobs eats, you would have to hire personal chef Laura Gerrie to feed artisanal juice directly to your mouth.

A former dancer, Jacobs’ private chef Gerrie spoke to Du Jour about how she feeds Jacobs every day. The following quotes have been graded for bougieness on a scale of one to ten. (I’m not hating on Jacobs, mind — I think he is kind of a design genius, especially that Olive Oyl-inspired collection. But still.)

“There are actually two kitchens. One is a downstairs pantry that is fully stocked. I don’t really cook in that kitchen that much but do a lot of prep work in there.” +3

“I usually get him this thing called the Fourteen Hour­­ — which is maca and fresh-pressed apple juice — he’ll have that in the afternoon instead of coffee.” +2

“It’s a home kitchen and was beautifully designed by Bulthaup.” +4

“I am the kitchen staff.” +3

“Around show time he gets really, really run down and so I keep him on something called a Volcano — it’s lemon or lime juice, ginger, cayenne, and oil of oregano.” +2

“The juices there have broadened Marc a lot.” +5

“No, no, he doesn’t plan anything. He wants me to handle all of that.” +10

Gerrie also remarks on the uniform, or lack thereof: “Both my partner and I did not get into cooking so that we could wear ugly chef’s coats and stuff. We dress sexy in the kitchen.” She once did a cookout for Jacobs in African pants and a lace crop top, which is basically “two bras,” and it became “a huge joke.” No Mrs. Patmores allowed, y’alls.

And if you actually feel like following the Marc Jacobs diet plan, here are some of his personal predilections for noshing.

He really loves almond butter.
He’s a huge snacker.
He loves having carrot cake.
He loves sweets.
He also loves the cardamom milk there.
He doesn’t eat a lot of acidic foods, so like tomatoes on a small ratio.

And there you go.

[Du Jour via The Cut]

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