Rich People Can't Wait to Make Weed a Rich People Thing 


Say goodbye to your lame-o neon bong, because smoking weed is no longer about getting high—it’s about how rich you look while you’re doing it! From

More and more pot growers, dispensaries, and cannabis-related accessories companies are enlisting the talents of PR/marketing/branding strategists to give their products a high design makeover. Everyone is seeing massive dollar signs and an untapped lifestyle industry with potential growth projections set to outpace the smartphone industry.

Designers like Mara Hoffman, Jacquie Aiche, and Jeremy Scott are all loving that special green leaf, but the weed appreciation doesn’t end with the fashion industry—Hollywood wants in too, people! And with that in mind, Cheryl Shuman, Adweek cover girl and “pot entrepreneur,” thinks cannabis could use an image overhaul:

“No disrespect to the hippies and the hairy armpits and all that, but that’s not me … I don’t want to be associated with pot’s negative image. I am a highly functioning, corporate woman who runs a multimillion-dollar company, and I was looking at all these great women in my social circle, like Cameron Diaz and Fergie, and everybody loves marijuana. Why should we have to be in the closet?”

It’s time for Cameron Diaz and Fergie to come out of the closet, but that door ain’t budging for some smelly old dime bag! Luckily, Shuman’s Beverly Hills Cannabis Club sells weed that the 1% can get down with: it’s a strain called “overpriced and wrapped in gold.”

She’s trying to change weed’s image with her Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, which sells “designer” pot targeted to women that runs for $700 an ounce and comes wrapped in gold foil. To go with it, she’s created a range of $15,000 pavé diamond vaporizers (“why not make it a luxury fashion accessory?”), plus she’s got a series of 420-friendly, Soho House-style hotels and a Stiletto Stoner clothing line in the works.

For comparison, a good-quality ounce generally runs up to around $300. But, hello, that doesn’t include shiny foil, girls!

According to QuickDraw CEO Jason Barrett, vaporizers are the Next Big Status Symbol: “Using one reveals something about your personality—about how you choose to relax, socialize, and express yourself. They should be beautiful; they should accent the way you present yourself to the world.” Another insider says breathlessly, “Wait until Chanel does a vape pen and Michael Kors creates a lifestyle collection around it.”

Weed: It’s safe for everyone now!

Image via Paramount/Clueless

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