‘Screaming Woman’ Removed From Flight After Hitting a Passenger and Kissing a Flight Attendent


An unidentified expert traveler caused a flight from Miami to Chicago to make an emergency landing in Indianapolis on Monday afternoon. USA Today reports American Airlines flight 1284 was “just an hour” from its destination when the pilot decided to land after a “screaming woman” just wouldn’t quit with the disruptive bullshit.

A passenger named Jim Saviano (his DJ name is Savi, by the way) gave them a detailed account of what went down:

Reports USA Today:

The pilot “announced a cabin lockdown and (that he) needed everyone in their seats immediately and needed large male volunteers to restrain a passenger.” The woman hit a passenger and kissed a flight attendant, he said.

DJ Savi shared more about his experience on Twitter:

Did she hit a passenger because they reclined their chair into her knees? Did she kiss the flight attendant because they had that one really good cheese plate she likes? Was it on the cheek or on the mouth? Where will DJ Savi be performing next? None of those questions have been answered.

If you want to see a video of the woman being escorted off the plane by police officers and saying she didn’t do anything wrong, head over to USA Today. Just don’t expect footage of her kissing or hitting anyone, because that apparently didn’t make the final cut.

Air travel is the fucking worst.

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Image via screengrab.

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